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FOCUS evaluation 2011

Early in 2011, the SAPT project commissioned Focus Consultants to provide an external evaluation of the project. The purpose of this evaluation was to:

  • report on progress toward the aims and objectives of the three-year grant provided by BIG Lottery (2009-12)
  • make recommendations for improved outcomes during Year Three of BIG's grant (2011-12)
  • make proposals for the continuation of the project beyond the end of BIG's grant funding

Focus Consultants published their final report in July 2011. Key findings included:

  • each delegate supported an approximate average of 3.47 vulnerable people following their attendance at a SAPT training session
  • 89.1% of delegates stated that the training had helped to raise their awareness of suicide prevention
  • 76.7% of delegates had subsequently recommended the training to other people
  • 88.6% of delegates had never previously received any suicide awareness training, indicating that SAPT is providing a service for a previously unmet need
  • 85.5% of delegates said they felt more confident in raising the issue of suicide and discussing it with someone at risk

Click to access the Executive Summary of the report.


We provide half-day suicide awareness training, which is open to everyone. We especially encourage attendance from those whose work is likely to bring them into contact with people who may be vulnerable to suicide or self-harm. 

If you have found your way to this website because you are in distress, and may be thinking of taking your own life, then please do seek help urgently. The   Help in a crisis section suggests some useful sources of help and support.