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Here are some personal case-studies of helpful interventions given by delegates who attending the SAPT project’s suicide awareness training. These are the human stories behind the statistics:


"One of my friends has been quite poorly and I think she has been suffering from depression. Since the training I have been aware of noticing different behaviour and moods. This lady became quite reclusive and introverted. From the training I knew this could be the start of a downward spiral. I started popping in or phoning regularly and she started to confide in me about how isolated she was feeling. She is now on medication and says she feels a lot better. I am not suggesting that I have caused this change, or that it will be permanent, but my increased awareness of this topic has definitely helped me in many situations in my work life - and in my home life."

Neighbourhood Watch coordinator - Leicestershire


"Following attendance on the course, I was extremely supportive to a sufferer of severe anxiety and depression. With the knowledge gained on the course, I managed to direct them away from potential suicide and help them gain a more active lifestyle, and am happy to report that their difficulties are part of the past. I would recommend attendance on this course not just for those in public/voluntary sectors, but for personal experiences also."

Secretary of a Religious Association - Northamptonshire


"It helped refresh my memory of previous suicide awareness information, and gave me the confidence to know that I am dealing with people who are suffering emotional distress appropriately… Many of the women I see have such low self esteem and confidence that they feel that nobody is interested and nobody will care. By taking the time to listen, ask questions and respond appropriately, I feel that I have helped and the women have become less emotionally distressed and feel able to cope a little better."

Domestic Violence Worker - Nottinghamshire

"[Someone] was deeply distressed following the death of a much loved pet, closely following the death of her husband. She talked of ‘ending it all’ and had amassed a quantity of pills. I spent two hours on the phone and thankfully was able to talk her down and persuaded her to see her doctor the next day. She is now much better and still keeps in contact with me via the phone."

Member of the public - Leicestershire


"On return from the training my awareness was raised and as a result two beneficiaries were supported to dispose of the excess medication at the pharmacy... One person who I support was experiencing difficulty with his negative symptoms. I found myself more confident in discussing suicidal thoughts and assessing the intent or ideation."
Mental Health Charity Worker - Derbyshire


"I was working with a pregnant mum who was depressed and showing signs of distress, as recognised from the training. I was able to offer support and get her help as appropriate to her needs."

Sure Start Worker, Nottinghamshire

"Young person who lives locally had committed suicide, having a huge impact on the community where I live and the school my family attends. I found I could talk and support my friends whom it had affected, feeling more confident in my support for them."

Family Support Worker, Leicester






















We provide half-day suicide awareness training, which is open to everyone. We especially encourage attendance from those whose work is likely to bring them into contact with people who may be vulnerable to suicide or self-harm. 

If you have found your way to this website because you are in distress, and may be thinking of taking your own life, then please do seek help urgently. The   Help in a crisis section suggests some useful sources of help and support.